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Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses in Pakistan

The function of the blue light blocking glasses is to block the harmful rays of computers and mobile that become the reason to severe medical problems. These problems include headaches, eye strain, and lack of deep sleep.  

  • Peachmart blue light blocking glasses use organic CR lenses that has no side effect on the eyes while all the other glasses use acrylic lense. These are harmful to eyes and is a lot cheaper material to use. 
  • Peachmart blue light blocking glasses can be worn for full day so, we use fashionable frames that you can wear anywhere anytime. Here’s an example of few best selling models of peachmart blue light blocking screen glasses 
  • Blue light blocking glasses are also known as computer glasses simply because it uses for computers and all kinds of digital devices. It filters out the blue rays coming out of computer and mobile and helps the user to retain longer hours in front of the screen.