Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses 2022

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Function of the Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

The function of the blue light blocking glasses is to block the harmful rays of computers and mobile that become the reason to severe medical problems. These problems include headaches, eye strain, and lack of deep sleep.  

How Does Blue Light Affect Us?

Blue light can injure your eyes since it stresses you out and disturbs your sleep. These signs and symptoms may eventually impair vision and cause long-term damage to the eyes. Most of us now work on our cellphones, laptops, and tablets for hours at a time. Even though the majority of gadgets have blue light filters, they do not offer enough protection against blue light. As a result, the majority of people use blue-ray blocking eyewear. The hazardous blue-violet light rays are reflected by these screen protection glasses, keeping them from entering the eyes.

There’s an ample scientific research available where the harmful effects of contiunuous usage of smartphones have deteriorate the visual capabilities of human eye.

Here’s a link to one of those


How Peachmart Blue Light Blocking Glasses are different from other?

Peachmart blue light blocking glasses use organic CR lenses that has no side effect on the eyes while all the other glasses use acrylic lense. These are harmful to eyes and is a lot cheaper material to use. 
Peachmart blue light blocking glasses can be worn for full day so, we use fashionable frames that you can wear anywhere anytime. Here’s an example of few best selling models of peachmart blue light blocking screen glasses 

blue light blocking glasses

What are other names of Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Blue light blocking glasses are also known as computer glasses simply because it uses for computers and all kinds of digital devices. It filters out the blue rays coming out of computer and mobile and helps the user to retain longer hours in front of the screen.

Other Names of Blue Light Blocking Glasses as mention below:

computer glassesScreen Glasses
Blue Light Blocking GlassesBluecut Glasses
names of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Is eyesight Blue Light Blocking are available?

Yes eyesight Blue Light Blocking are also available. There’s an option on each product to add eyesight number in the glasses. It cost extra 500Rs for eyesight Glasses. Simply take the picture of your eyesight card or if you remember your eyesight number then, write the number on the paper and take the picture of it. Then, after selecting your chosen frame, click the eyesight option below the product image and add your eyesight number.

eyesight blue light blocking Glasses
Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Which lenses used in Screen Glasses?

We use standard CR quality lenses of 1.56 index bluecut hydrophobic lenses. It welcomes the good blue light and block the harmful blur radiations.

Do you have glasses that are Screen Protection + Transition Feature?

Yes, transition + Screen Glasses are also available. Its the most premium glasses in Peachmart Store.

Here’s a link to those glasses.

What’s your Refund & Exchange Policy?

We offer 7 Days Exchange and Refund Policy so that our customers can purchase without hesitation. 
You can go through the step by step refund procedure from section Return policy.

What if I want to return customized eyesight glasses?

Yes you can refund it in 7 working days. We will check if the eyesight number is wrong, then the entire amount would be refunded. Otherwise, we will deduct the charges of lense, and refund the rest of amount.

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