Introduction to blue light Glasses :  

Blue light Glasses blocks the harmful rays of digital devices that causes eye strain due to the constant exposure of screens. The lense used in it is called bluecut lense which blocks all the blue rays from 405-410nm wavelength. Recent studies have confirmed that blue light emit from the digital devices have largely effect the sleep pattern. Especially, in the age of digital devices, when long hours in front of screen become the necessary part of large community of society to make their livelihood. 

Peachmart Blue light Glasses

How blue light emit from digital devices affect us?

Computer, mobile, tablets and all other digital devices emits blue light that artificially give signal to our brain about the day-time. So, constant exposure in front of screen leads to sleep disturbance. The studies shows that constant exposure to screen leads to several diseases related to eyes such as eye strain, eye watering and headache. 

Benefits of Blue light Blocking Glasses?

Blue light blocking Glasses filters the harmful rays of digital devices which reduce the eye strain and normalize the disturbed sleep pattern for the people who has constant exposure in front of screens. These glasses are help to see the screens of digital devices more clearly. Most of time, clear vision becomes the vital problem for people who spend a lot of time in front of computer screen. Blue Light Glasses not only make you feel more comfortable in front of screen but also clear the vision of screen. Research studies shows that blue light blocking glasses helps people to reduce eye fatigue.

New research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that wearing blue-light glasses just before sleeping can lead to a better night’s sleep, better career decision-making and contribute to a better day’s work productivity.

Why peachmart Blue light Blocking Screen Glasses?

There are different types of Blue light blocking glasses available in Pakistan. The Peachmart screen glasses are best in the market because we use organic CR lense that eco-friendly and have no side effect. We don’t prefer to use other blue light blocking glasses available in market because it uses acrylic lenses that is harmful for eyesight. These lenses imported directly from china in Pakistan and can be recognized with the yellow tint color present in the lenses.

The best blue light blocking glasses in Pakistan