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Computer glasses have become the need of modern-day because of the constant exposure to computer screens. We all have experienced eye strain, headache, blurry vision, and radishes in the eyes if we constantly use the screen for a long time. It protects your eyes from harmful rays of computers and mobile and optimizes your vision and blurriness of Eyes. 

The most important aspect of computer glasses is that it’s available in prescription and non-prescription glasses. Those who do not have weak eyesight can wear these classes all day. It has no side effects, and it looks very cool if you wear it outside. 

Peachmart computer glasses are the best computer classes in the Pakistan market. this is because uses CR 39 lenses that are a completely organic material. It’s the most affordable computer class available in the Pakistan market. The frames used in these glasses are very fashionable and comfortable, which you can use indoors and outdoors as well. 

Why Computer glasses is need of time? 

Computer screens emit blue rays and computer glasses filter the blue light of computer screens and LEDs. Blue light is present in sunlight. The function of the blue light is to signal our mind the daytime or the time of work. So, the exposure of blue light at night artificially given our brain the signal of daylight. That is the reason it has become the reason for sleep disturbances. The problem can be dealth by using Peachmart computer glasses at night. It blocks 80% of blue light with the frequency of 405nm +10 and helps the user to retain long hours in front of the screen.  

How Peachmart computer Glasses work? 

The lens has a special coating of green and blue that blocks the rays of computer and mobile. It works for those who spend long hours in front of computers for work or gaming.  

More than 75% of computer users, according to one estimate, endure eye strain while working. With time, these symptoms can develop into ocular issues, including chronic blurred vision. It is critical to wear computer glasses at the appropriate times to avoid eye damage. 

Despite popular belief, blue light is mostly emitted by sunshine, therefore we are constantly exposed to this dangerous light. Meanwhile, we wake up every day to check our portable devices with LED screens, such as our phones and laptops, which emit blue light. Our eyes are unable to block these rays, resulting in eye strain that is damaging in the long run. 

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