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Best Quality

The Quality is absolutely excellent and i like it very much. The Frame Quality is just great and it is flexible. Thank you PeachM

Nice glasses 🕶️

Delivery on time and product is also good.

Silhouette - Screen Glasses - 1725

Bad order dia tha wo nhi Glasses order ki thi Brown glasses beji hn .very disappointed


Very good quality great products

Good Quality Glasses in a good Packaging

Had some problems with the courier but worth the wait. The quality of blu-cut lens is top notch.

Great experiance

I found it as I noticed it in the pics

Good but didn't observe any transition.....

Qulaity is awesome

Really impressed by the quality and packaging of the product just love it.


Excellent product

Tony Stark Transition Glasses Silver PC-001

Very good quality
Glasses get black in sun light
Come with cleaning kit.
Delivered on time

"Enhance Your Screen Time Comfort: A Game-Changer for Eye Strain – The Magic of Screen Glasses Un...

"Screen glasses: A revelation for digital wellness, reducing eye strain and boosting comfort. In this comprehensive review, discover their magic and effectiveness in enhancing your screen time experience."


Good recommended

I just Received my Parcel Quality is Amazing jst luv it🤩

Hogo Boss - Grey screen glasses 1514

Nice prodoct quality & best paking, shop again soon InshAllah.

I love this glasses

A very good product in good price


Product was good
Reached safely
Paking was great

Premium Glasses

The quality of frame and glass is very high.
I use computer screen a lot, sometimes more than 20 hours continuously and without glasses I always feel pain in my eyes and head but wearing these glasses relaxes my eyes.

الحمداللہ very good product.

Good service

I received my glasses in time with good packaging.They are perfect in evening but not in sun light as well.Its glass change shade slightly in sun light which is not enough comfort for eyes.

GUCCI - Screen Glasses - 1683

Best Quality and Services

100% same as advertised.
Over night shipping.
Best experience.


Excellent product ' Recommended'