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Screen Glasses - 1766

I received my parcel on time. Everything thing is perfect but there is no plastic box with glasses for carrying.

Best One

I liked product and Best one i found online.


Quality was good , satisfied with everything but it would be great if I had a choice to try the frame on my face first and then decide. There should be some way in online store to do so. Any tool that allow to upload our picture to look how it goes with the face in real time.

It was amazing product. Excellent

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Our commitment to you is simple: Always affordable, always on trend. Peachmart offers wide selection of designs to complement your look in prices that allow you to treat yourself to a new pair of glasses as often as you feel like it.


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Our story

Based in Pakistan, the company founded by a student in August 2020. During Corona, the students life is badly affected due to shift into online classes. This is the time when Founder identifies the problem, that’s not only affecting them, but millions of people around the Pakistan; exposure to Blue Light.

After months of researching, we found that screen glasses sold in the market was not up to the quality.We decide to provide the CR lenses that welcomes the good blue light and blocks the harmful blue light. The CR lenses areexpectational in their performance.