FAQ's - Frequent Asked Questions

Screen Protection glasses used to protect your eyes from harmful rays of computer and mobile. Its blocks all the rays above 405 nm and helps you to retain longer hours in front of screens.

We use standard CR quality lenses of 1.56 index bluecut hydrophobic lenses. It welcomes the good blue light and block the harmful blur radiations.

Transition glasses turns black when exposed to sunlight. Its used as sunglasses. It enhances your look and fashion.

We used standard Photogrey lenses in Transition glasses.

Yes, transition + Screen Glasses are also available. Its the most premium glasses in Peachmart Store.

We offer 7 Days Exchange and Refund Policy so that our customers can purchase without hesitation. 

You can go through the step by step refund procedure from section Return policy.

Yes you can refund it in 7 working days. We will check if the eyesight number is wrong, then the entire amount would be refunded. Otherwise, we will deduct the charges of lense, and refund the rest of amount.